NOVA-ESO Instrumentation Day

10:00 Doors open, coffee & tea

10:30 – 12:20 Session 1

  • Welcome by Michiel Rodenhuis, NOVA Executive Director
  • MICADO: Instrument development and future science, by Eline Tolstoy, NL-PI & MICADO project scientist
  • The status and promise of METIS from the NOVA perspective, by Bernhard Brandl, METIS PI and Felix Bettonvil, METIS consortium manager
  • MOSAIC: the multi-object spectrograph for the ELT, by Annemieke Janssen, MOSAIC systems engineer in the NOVA optical-infrared instrumentation group
  • The Paranal Instrumentation Programme, by Antoine Mérand, ESO VLTI programme scientist
  • Science results from VLTI/MATISSE, by Michiel Hogerheijde, Leiden Observatory VLTI expertise center

12:20 – 13:00 Lunch

13:00 – 14:40 Session 2

  • The BlackGEM array on La Silla (live from the observatory!) by Paul Groot, BlackGEM PI, and Steven Bloemen, project manager
  • Recent Science Highlights from ALMA, by Nienke van der Marel, Leiden Observatory
  • The future of ALMA, by Martin Zwaan, Head of the ESO-ALMA regional centre
  • The development of the ALMA Band 2 receiver, by Pavel Yagoubov, ESO Band 2 project manager
  • NOVA connecting ESO to the high-tech industry in the Netherlands, by Ramon Navarro, NOVA optical-infrared instrumentation programme manager

14:40 -15:00 Break for tea & coffee

15:00 Main event

  • Welcome: Ewine van Dishoeck (NOVA ambassador) and Amina Helmi (NOVA scientific director)
  • ESO@60 uniting European astronomy: ESO Council President Linda Tacconi
  • 60 years history of ESO and NL role: Tim de Zeeuw, former ESO Director General
  • Science with ESO(I): Revealing mysteries about supermassive black holes: Hector Olivares
  • ESO instrumentation, NL involvement: Michele Cirasuolo (ESO)
  • ESO and industry: Hans Priem, CEO of VDL-ETG
  • Science with ESO (II): Stars as fossils of galaxies’ histories: Else Starkenburg
  • NOVA and ESO instrumentation: Michiel Rodenhuis, NOVA Executive Director
  • ESO and outreach: Marieke Baan, Head of the NOVA Information Center
  • Science with ESO (III): Exoplanets and the search for life: Jean-Michel Désert
  • ESO, now and the next 60 years: ESO Director General Xavier Barcons
  • Reflections on ESO and the importance of IGOs: Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf
  • Closing

From 17:00 onwards, celebratory drinks will be served.

Please note that the program may be subject to changes.