Workshops 2017

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Nr. 1st Date Applicant Event University #Days
W-242 01-05-2017 L. Koopmans Fundamental physics with SKA RUG 5
W-245 11-12-2017 K. Caputi Distant Galaxies from the Far South RUG 5
W-246 12-04-2017 R.vd Weygaert QU7 RUG 5
W-247 30-03-2017 J. Hörandel Astroparticle Physics symposium RU 5
W-248 22-05-2017 S. Nissanke 72nd NAC 2017 RU 5
W-249 23-10-2017 H. Röttgering Diffuse Synchrotron Emission in Clusters of Galaxies: What’s Next UL 5
W-250 14-02-2017 L. Rivera 2nd Dutch Star Cluster Meeting UvA 5
W-251 16-10-2017  J. Vink Grappa@5  UvA 3
W-252 17-07-2017 E.v. Dishoeck Kavli-IAU workshop UL 3
W-253 25-09-2017 F. Snik Optimal Optical Coronographs UL/LC 5