Workshops 2020

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Nr. 1st Date Applicant Event University #Days
W-289 27-01-2020 R. vd Weijngaert The-Cosmic-Web-in-the-Local-Universe-1 RuG / LC 4
W-290 09-03-2020 J. Hörandel 27th European Cosmic Ray Conference RU 5
W-291 03-07-2020 G. Nelemans LISA Astrophyiscs Working group meeting RU 5
W-292 06-07-2020 J. Hörandel Towards a comprehensive model of the Galactic magnetic field RU / L C 5
W-293 01-07-2020 S. Portegies Zwart 75th NAC UL 3
W-294 29-06-2020 H. Röttgering EAS2020 UL 5
W-295 30-09-2020 E. Valentijn Third Information Universe Conference RuG 3