Workshops 2015

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Nr. 1st Date Applicant Event University #Days
W-215 01-05-2015 J. Vink Shock Accelerations From the Solar System to Cosmology UvA 5
W-216 03-02-2015 P. Pinilla Transition disks and planet formation UL/LC 5
W-217 15-01-2015 P. Kruit The Born Investigator of the Heavens RUG 1
W-218 30-07-2015 J. Vink International Cosmic Ray Conference 2015 UvA 30
W-219 15-06-2015 S. Zaroubi First Stars, galaxies and Black Holes now and then RUG 5
W-220 04-01-2015 R. vd Weijgaert 5th Quantum Universe Symposium RUG 2
W-221 20-05-2015 J. van Leeuwen 70th NAC 2015 ASTRON 3
W-222 05-11-2015 X. Tielens Energetic Processing of Large Interstellar Molecules UL/LC 3
W-223 29-06-2015 S. de Mink The Impact of Massive Binaries throughout the Universe UvA/LC 5
W-226 10-07-2015 E. Valentijn Information Universe-the conference RUG 3
W-227 10-07-2015 KNVWS KNVWS Symposium KNVWS Werkgroep Meteoren 1
W-228 14-12-2015 J. Schaye Computational cosmology UL/LC 4
W-230 16-11-2015 A. Brown DPAC Consortium meeting UL 5