Workshops 2018

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Nr. 1st Date Applicant Event University #Days
W-257 05-02-2018 G. Nelemans Observational signatures of Type la Supernova Explosions III RU / LC 5
W-258 02-04-2018 X. Tielens Summerschool Interstellar PAH UL 5
W-259 14-05-2018 F. Helmich 73rd NAC 2018 SRON 3
W-260 22-03-2018 J. Hörandel 23rd Symposium on Astroparticle Physics RU 2
W-261 03-04-2018 S. Portegies Zwart Modest 18a AMUSE UL 4
W-262 28-03-2018 R. vd Weijgaert QU8 RUG 2
W-263 23-04-2018 I. Snellen Oortworkshop 2018 UL 2
W-264 12-11-2018 L. Burtscher Lorentz Workshop; The Next Generation of Thermal-IR Astronomy UL / LC 5
W-265 01-10-2018 S. Bos NYRIA meeting 2018 UL 5
 W-267 05-11-2018 X. Tielens The Interstellar Medium of Galaxies: Status and Future Perspectives UL  5
W-268 01-06-2018 A. Savino 4th Dutch Star Cluster Meeting RUG 1
W-269 13-08-2018 R. Peletier Lorentz Workshop; The Bewildering Nature of Ultra-diffuse Galaxies RUG / LC 5