Workshops 2014

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Nr. 1st Date Applicant Event University #Days
W-203 31-03-2014 P. Jonker Lorentz WS ULXs-Implications for our View of the Universe RU/LC 5
W-204 27-01-2014 J. Brinchmann Lorentz WS Astrostatics UL/LC 5
W-205 12-01-2014 P. Barthel Star of Bethlehem RUG 1
W-206 04-07-2014 R. Peletier Symposium Star Formation and Galactic Structure RUG 2
W-207 22-01-2014 J. Schaye Virgo & Eagle Workshop UL 3
W-208 16-04-2014 R. vd Weijgaert 4th Quantum Universe Symposium Groningen RuG 2
W-209 19-05-2014 J. Brinchmann 69th NAC 2014 UL 3
W-210 17-02-2014 R. vd Weijgaert Lorentz WS Tracing the Cosmic Web UL/LC 5
W-211 17-03-2014 T. vd Hulst PHISCC RUG 3
W-212 30-06-2014 R. Peletier Lorentz WS Nuclear Clusters in Galaxies and the role of the Environment RUG/LC 5
W-213 13-05-2014 E. v Dishoeck Episodic Accretion in young stars UL 3
W-214 17-09-2014 L. Kaper Magnetism and variability in O stars UvA 3