Workshops 2013

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Nr. 1st Date Applicant Event University #Days
W-179 14-01-2013 H. Rottgering Imaging the Low Frequency Radio Sky with LOFAR UL/LC 5
W-183 06-10-2013 H. Rottgering Astronomy, Radio Sources and Society; the Wonderful Century UL 3
W-184 20-05-2013 H. Linnartz IAU297 The Diffuse Interstellar Bands UL 4
W-185 22-04-2013 M. Franx What Regulates Galaxy Formation UL/LC 4
W-188 25-02-2013 K. Kuijken The PNS Future Projects and Ideas UL/LC 5
W-189 07-01-2013 O. Pols Steps towards a new generation of Stellar Models RU/LC 5
W-190 15-05-2013 C. Waelkens NAC 2013 KUL 5
W-192 27-03-2013 R. vd Weijgaert  QU3 Quantum Universe Symposium RUG 2
W-193 17-06-2013 R. vd Weijgaert The Antikythera Mechanism Science and Innovation int het Ancient World RUG/LC 5
W-194 05-06-2013 J. Bloemen Latest Results from the Neutron Star Lab SRON 5
W-195 19-06-2013 B. Oppenheimer Leiden Summer CGM Galaxy Interface UL/LC 3
W-196 23-09-2013 G. Nelemans Observational Signatures of type la Supernova Progenitors II RU/LC 5
W-197 05-06-2013 M. Franx Galaxy Evolution from z=5 to z=0 UL/LC 5
W-198 29-07-2013 X. Tielens Lorentz WS The Molecular Physics of Interstellar PAHs UL/LC 5
W-199 11-04-2013 S. Zaroubi The Radio Universe @Ger’s Wavelength RUG 4
W-200 25-09-2013 J. Vink The Anisotropic Universe UvA 3
W-201 10-12-2013 B. Brandl KINGFISH UL 3
W-202 12-09-2013 L. Kaper Lorentz WS Asterospheres From the Sun to Red Super Giants UvA/LC 5